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Hané ~ Saga Conference

AUGUST 3 – 5, 2023 | Las Vegas, NV


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Coming Together to Talk About Story

We are the dawn of a new time and how do we write the next chapters? How do we inspire? How do we navigate a new world after many disruptions?

Streaming has created a steep competition with traditional Hollywood but has also ushered in the renaissance of diversity providing colorful and new stories, new locations and forcing us to become more creative – expanding cultures, allowing new countries with a new philosophy to enter center stage… new tastes.

As a creative storyteller and filmmaker, how can we best learn from each other, learn from the new standards set because of a global pandemic and implement these tools in the most effective manner?

Our VISION is to unite the Masters of storytelling in a forum that will not only stimulate the creative minds but set the stage for some thought-provoking discussions, and how to utilize these new tools in the New Era of Hollywood.

In addition to a panel discussion, we will offer creative workshops that will inspire all storytellers. Be the voice they need to create new and exciting content that will fall within the new standards of a new Hollywood. Join your peers and learn from industry leaders, filmmakers, producers, and screenwriters as we discuss among others:

How being inclusive, diverse and conscious about an ecological footprint will spearhead new production guidelines.

How to build a story around a location, how to pick the right location.

Our goal is to spark conversation and action, continuing with what is already in motion – there is no time to wait, the time is NOW!

May this be a spark to see storytelling in a new way, get the motivation and tools needed to complete and pick the brains of Hollywood’s best.

About HANÉ ~ SAGA:

Using the Navajo word for story – HANÉ – together with the Norse word for story – SAGA, we aim to bring unity through storytelling. By bringing Industry Professionals together, we offer thought-provoking discussions, a call for action, and the urge to keep stimulating the creative forces for screenwriters, filmmakers, and producers.

Storytelling lies at the center of human existence and is the vehicle to break down barriers and build relationships with people we do not understand. Stories help us see the other with greater understanding and tolerance. Great stories inspire and change society for the better.



We will update the event space shortly. We are excited to stay and show a side of Las Vegas rarley seen and experienced.

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